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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Website Traffic Performance after using Simply PLR-Free traffic generation

I have been using articles from Simply PLR on my website and several article networks (i.e myarticlenetwork or MAN for short and article marketing automation or AMA for short), and wanted to share the results I have been experiencing. The description that will follow is for a content based website....however you can apply some of the steps in your other forms of websites.

First thing

The Simply PLR articles are provided in two formats:
  1. The first is the spinnable format, where the entire article is in a spinnable format. An example of sentences of spinnable format are as follows: {[Exercise|Working out|Physical activity] is good for your health ~[The state of your health can only improve through|Being healthy requires|To stay healthy, one has to have] regular exercise }
  2. The second is your regular format where the sentences will be constructed like: Exercise is good for your health .
Having said that, you can see in the 1st format, there are 6 sentences that can be used, while the 2nd format only one sentence. This means if you were to spin an article with format 1, you can produce numerous unique articles and the 2nd format obviously means there is only one article (usually that is the format in which PLR's come in, and then you have to rewrite the articles.)

Second thing

I use the spinnable format articles in ArticleApps , to create numerous unique articles ( ArticleApps allows you to see the %originality). I use articles with the highest %originality, which is usually above 40% and use them to post in my personal blogs or article directories( I don't usually post in directories...only when I have time- I do the social network moderation-to about 5 social networks. Please do not spam these sites, BIG brother is watching-get a free report on socialbookmarking)

I also take the same spinnable articles (at times I make minor modifications to the sentences and paragraphs) and use them in MAN and AMA. These two networks allow you to add spinnable articles which will be distributed as unique articles to member sites (you can also get articles remotely posted/published to your blog from the network from other sites which means regular new content for your site...good for SEO). Remember the articles you post to the network will have links pointing to your website or affiliate programs.

I use SEO optimized blog-which is DIYthemes (wordpress themes can be bought or downloaded for free-it's totally up to you. The only thing one has to realise there are themes out there which can make a difference between good traffic and income or nothing at all) and I also use the free SEO pluging by jeff johnson-I only started using this plugin 5 months ago.

The results
I have been doing all that I have described above on one of my websites (i.e. site X-it's a content based website) from mid-March .I started getting some reasonable traffic around June 2009 (there is screen shot from my google analytics below). The results are good considering that this is the site I gave the least attention - most of the tasks described are automated (example: social bookmarking)

So I think I will call this, my mini traffic generation blue print and I hope it helps you out....

traffic generation with simply plr

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Use Automated Article Marketing to Drive More Traffic To Your Site

I have said previously that you can use Simply PLR articles in article directories.

Article Marketing started off as something that you had to do manually to the top article directories.Then came semi-automated software, to make it easier to do what you used to do manually. After this it was article submission services that submit to these article directories for you. You will know these services well and may have even used them before

What you may not know is that many of these submissions actually fail.Even the automated systems.

There is now the "Next Generation" in article marketing, where your articles get posted to 1000's of websites/blogs, there are two places where this type of service is being provided:
  1. Article Marketing Automation
  2. My article Network
(Please note that the services are exactly the same, you do not have to join both networks)

There are real websites/blogs that will accept your articles in a completely automated manner so that all you need to do is use your write great quality content or use your PLR content. Each will get a unique version of the article because of the spinnable articles you provide (Read more on article spinning). You can also choose to have fresh content for your websites where articles are automatically posted on your own blogs/website. You just have to add your blog/website to the networks.

At the time of writing this post, both services were going for $47/month. Prices can go up any time. The good news is that you can also sign up for free membership, which I think is brilliant if you just want to test the programs.

Article Marketing Automation

Article Marketing

My article Network

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Simply Leveraging your PLR with SEO Elite

In the
Simply PLR review post, I mentioned that by submitting articles to directories, you will also be submitting backlinks pointing to your website.

To submit your articles to these directories, you can use the directory submitter software or you can use SEO Elite software.

Why I choose using SEO Elite is because it also has other great capabilities and these are:

  • Allowing you to immediately see which websites Google gives the most importance to
  • Allows you to find "authority websites" by clicking a few buttons (which you may want to link to)
  • Get an inside look at how Google and Yahoo rank websites!
  • Allows to see websites linking to your website (e.g. you can check where your articles are being used)
  • It will cost you $47 only

Why you have to submit articles is because you can get get TONS of high quality, 1 way links,. You will submit your articles to the most popular online Article Directories using the software! The more links you get, the higher your rankings will be!

The articles you have spun with Article Apps will go a long way after you submit them to directories. SEO Elite, will take you even further

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The top keyword selection tools to pair with Simply PLR

Articles from Simply PLR need good keywords to accompany them in your website or even submitting to directories. There are well known and trusted softwares which I will recommend for keyword research, and they are: Most people don't know how to properly research their market and find out what people are buying or what they're selling.It is important that you use keywords which are not determined blindly through guesswork, you need keywords that are proven to increase your online earnings.

What is KeyWord Elite

Keyword elite in summary:
  • Create keywords
  • Allows you to spy on competitors adwords competition
  • analyze keywords competition
  • analyze pay per click listings
  • Export and import keywords into software
  • Search for mispelled keywords
  • Will cost you $176 once off

What is Wordtracker

Wordtracker in summary:
  • Database of 340 million real search engine queries
  • Displays the search count for each keyword.
  • Shopping basket to store your keywords.
  • Competition search finds keywords that have few competing web pages in major search engines.
  • Top 1,000 long and short term search reports.
  • Search for mispelled keywords
  • Will cost you $329/yr or $59/month

  • Google Key Word Tool
    AdWords Editor is Google’s free, downloadable account management application for your computer.

    Keyword Contry
    Using KeywordCountry for keyword research is just like searching on Google. It is really user friendly and more importantly, it produces thousands of high paying keywords and niche keywords in the blink of an eye. (Read an affiliate Review of Keyword Country ...)

    By using the keyword research tool, you will be able to determine the best and competitive keywords for your articles which will enable you to increase traffic to your website because more people are able to find it.

    Even though Simply PLR provides you with well researched articles, you should keep yourself informed on what interests people out there. One of the places to see your potential niche is

    Tuesday, December 16, 2008

    Which PLR package is the better? Niche Content Package or Simply PLR

    There are numerous PLR sites out there, but the are very few quality PLR sites available. some of the best quality PLR sites that give you value for your money are:
    Having had an opportunity to use both PLR sites, I will pit them against each other:

    Niche Content Packages
    • Buy you content with credit, which you can pay for once off or monthly (e.g. 200 credits once off $250 and 252 credits $97)
    • Most packages are priced at an average of 30 credits/package
    • Buy unique articles for cash. (You will be the only user).
    • Monthly subscription optional
    • Only 250 packages of each niche offered and once finished, it will not be offered again.
    • Packages come with ready made graphics and also available in PSD format
    Simply PLR
    • Pay monthly subscription of $47
    • 225 spin ready articles provided
    • Access to blogging software
    • Numerous niches provided monthly
    • Membership number (not known at the moment)

    Both PLR sites have well written content. The differences are in how each offer their service. Fortunately in the time I have used both sites, they each have had varying niche articles.

    The Simply PLR site is provides software. Automation helps one leverage time.

    Niche Content Packages site offers provide great looking graphics to use with your articles and you can opt to pay once off fee for your articles.

    Friday, December 12, 2008

    Build your website with Blinkweb quickly and easy..just dragand drop

    One of the easiest softwares for website building for a beginner is BlinkWeb. A creation of the Callen brothers, does not require a person to have programming or web design skills.

    You can create great looking website or blog for Free with with the BlinkWeb software that has the drag and drop functionality. You can create unlimited number of websites with the software and work from anywhere in the world, but you have to be connected to the internet to use the software.

    By using Blinkweb and Simply PLR, you will definitely be leveraging your time. Your spun unique articles can be used as content for the blog posts or web pages. You can build your niche sites under half and hour because of both softwares capabilities, and just publish when you are done.

    Tuesday, December 9, 2008

    Is Xsite Pro 2 that simple to use?

    There is a great program that can be used for building niche sites. The software is called Xsite Pro 2 .It is a perfect tool for beginners, Affiliate marketers, business owners, Adsense site builders, power users, website designers, educational users and information marketers.

    If you are an information marketer or even an educational user, you can use the articles you get from Simply PLR which you have spun in your Article Spinning Software. The articles will have to be manually added to your website pages in the software or you can import them as text onto you website using the software.

    The key feature of this software is its SEO optimization capability which is in -built. This feature will enable you to know if your pages are optimised for search engines.This will save you a lot of time by optimizing your pages for you instead of manually optimizing page by page.Not only will you be adding unique content from Simply PLR, but you will also be able to see how well optimised the article is.

    The Xsite Pro 2 software will cost you $197 for 1 user licence and a 30 day money back guarantee.

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